Real Estate

We have a number of Properties ranging from simple houses to Sophisticated Family houses, plots of land to big chuncks of land.

Macho International simply  offers all the facilities necessary to make a house at a price which allows every citizen  both home and Abroad the opportunity to own a home immediately.
It meets the needs of those who have dreamt of owning a home but thus far have been priced out.
This market segment includes newly married couples, the youth working in companies based in Uganda and abroad, young families and entrepreneurs.
It also includes those people looking for an investment which promises an attractive appreciation in a relatively short time.

For a long time, there was a big out cry from clients who had problems in buying properties and Enterprises. Most of the problems brought about by Agents despite having entered into legally binding contracts with them, would negate on their  responsibilities with the result that most of these Agents would either fail to work as per the contract ending up leaving the client in space. Macho International therefore deemed it fit to offer the Best Services to clients who  may need to own properties in Uganda but they work and stay abroad.









We are proud to inform our esteemed customers that we are proud to serve you right at your home or Office and look forward to hearing from you through our contacts.

You shall write to us @ or

Mention all your details and what you would like to detail with us.