Macho International


1.To provide quality minerals of the highest standards.
2.To always ensure that our Clients meet their goals and needs.


1. Professional responsibility to serve all the Clients (colleagues, associates) that have entrusted us with business.
2. Responsibility to implement mutual cooperation between Client, Employer or an International Donor throughout the life cycle of the business.
3. Strive to deliver right first time products which consequently result in long lasting working relations with Clients and Partners.


Macho international is committed to providing quality service in performing our duties in a professional manner with integrity abiding by professional and legal requirements at all times. A Quality Management System conforming to local and international standards is implemented and maintained with the aim of meeting the expectations of our Clients, shareholders, employees and the environment.

The firm employs a number of field miners, all assisted by various qualified and experienced teams to carry out their duties. As a fully interdependent firm we are able to draw on resources from different partners in different fields to meet workloads and provide the required expertise matched to the clients needs.
Main Offices situated in Ntinda, Kampala. Macho international  has the latest computer and communications equipment to allow our staff and associates to inter-relate with each other and ensure that Minerals and correspondence are quickly dispatched and received. Extremely high levels of communication are possible through e-mail, Internet and personal mobile telephone links to all the Technical staff. International telephone/fax lines are available and connected to all offices.
Professional Indemnity
We maintain professional liability insurance for the services undertaken in the professional capacity of Engineers, and Project Managers. Health & Safety and Sustainability Policy Statement as a professional firm, Macho international understands its responsibility to ensure that its activities in the Mining industry are undertaken in a safe and sustainable manner. Macho international operates Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Systems in implementing their Mineral extraction.


Strong Technical Strength — Our Company is always paying great attention to technological self-innovation, and has owned a number of people for invention and utility models; we have conducted the strategic cooperation with many domestic upstream and downstream enterprises; we have strengthened the technological exchanges and cooperation with colleges and universities. Based on technology import and cooperative development, we have not only expanded the technology hard power of “integrated service of mineral processing plant” and improved the production efficiency and economic benefit, but also promoted the technology soft power of safety management, energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection, etc.

Professional Customized Service — Based on some experience in mineral processing equipment manufacturing and integrated service of mineral processing plant, our company can provide customized services according to clients’ practical requirements. On one hand, we have promoted technical engineers’ level and formed strong technical support power depending on re-fining labor division, global supporting, and optimizing data on technology; on the other hand, the technical engineers have the ability to conduct plant design and equipment selection, so as to propose the optimum design scheme depending on site exploration and sampling, mineral processing test and research, clients’ practical requirements, etc. Meanwhile, based on site simulation, we have the ability to provide the overview of future plant by using interactive software such as CAD and 3D.

Internationalized Operation System — To provide the clients with high-quality “integrated service of mineral processing plant” conveniently, our company has exported advanced technologies, equipment and talents overseas. At present, we have established overseas offices in many countries, and conducted multi-aspect, multi-level, and multi-form cooperation with local governments and banks. Additionally, we have taken the lead in using internet thinking mode, built our own e-commerce platform, erected a bridge for overseas users, achieved the sound development of business, and created great value for clients! Depending on our out-standing innovation ability, management and control ability, and delivery ability, we target to win the trust and cooperation of clients worldwide!


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